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Matchmaker Laurie Young - THE SEATTLE SHADCHAN

Laurie works across the U.S., Israel and Canada. She is passionate about helping marriage-minded Jewish singles find their "bashert." Her approach is personalized and focused on each client as a special and unique individual. Trained as a Life Coach, and subsequently as a Dating Coach, Laurie brings her listening skills, insights and intuition to understand what your brain and heart desires. 

A graduate of Stern College for Women, RVT Real Estate School, Wellcoaches, and Coachville, Laurie has enjoyed several professions that all involved helping people towards achieving their goals.  With her extensive coaching background, she decided to fill a need in the community by becoming a full-time professional matchmaker and relationship coach.

Laurie works with many partners to help you identify potential match opportunities.   She collaborates with the Sholom Blatter group,, Partners in Shidduchim, Yam Suf and Saw You at Sinai, as well as independent matchmakers across the globe. Laurie approaches matchmaking from a traditional Jewish perspective, with sensitivity, compassion and confidentiality. Laurie is delighted to have brought other matchmakers on board to serve clients with exceptional personalized service.

client testimonials

DK from Brooklyn:  
I tremendously enjoyed interviewing with Mrs. Young. Her questions are thought-provoking and insightful. I found her approach to be refreshing and her personality is easygoing, calming, and understanding. She was attentive, fully immersed in getting to know me, and efficient in following up. There are special people in this world and Mrs. Young is no doubt one of them! Her kind concern for singles gives me strength! May she be blessed with continuing to make many shidduchim and being the right messenger from High Above.  

DB from San Fransciso: 

Not everyone who signs up to be a shadchan knows what they're in for, and many I have worked with over the years threw in the towel after failing to make a match. But Laurie is persistent and tenacious. Over the year that we worked together, she continuously put in a large amount of effort both directly with me and behind the scenes to keep things moving. The interaction was genuine; she followed through on every step and followed up after every date. Her guidance made our engagement a reality.

NS from Miami: 

I am so happy I met Laurie. I have worked with many matchmakers over the years, and she is by far the best! She is unbelievably positive, and cares so much about what she is doing. If you have the chance to work with her, grab it! 

RM from Los Angeles: 

Before my first date, I told Laurie I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I had dated before, yet for some reason, I was super anxious. I spoke to Laurie the night before my date and she told me it was normal to feel nervous. Then she told me to SMILE and be myself. She said, "You want him to be comfortable and feel good with you." Just those two simple tips allowed for a very smiley and smooth first date to flow into a second date! Laurie, I am so grateful to you for your advice. Just the act of smiling lit up my face (and his too) and changed the whole ambiance. Your coaching helped me mentally gear up for each meeting and I was able to be more relaxed, present and attentive to my date! Thank you for all your time, effort and help!

AB from Seattle: 

The Seattle Shadchan (Mrs. Young) takes the time to listen to your needs/desires in looking for one’s bashert.  She’ll also ask some of the tough questions to get one thinking about those needs/desires. 

When I’ve come to her with possibilities that I have found, she doesn’t hesitate to contact that person directly (or her references) to get a feel if there is an interest.

DS from Bellevue:

 I was re-entering the dating scene, having recently got divorced after being married for many years. I felt greatly reassured having access to Laurie and her wisdom (and sense of humor!). She helped guide me through this 'new' period in my life, was easygoing and super friendly to talk to, gave me excellent advice, and advised me on some tricky situations. (coaching client)

MN from Las Vegas: 

I would highly recommend Mrs. Laurie Young’s services. I came to her not feeling confident in myself or the matchmaking process. I now feel equipped with the proper tools to tackle dating and many of life’s challenges. If you’re in need of coaching, she should be your first choice.

AN from Vancouver: 

Throughout my time with the Seattle Shadchan, Mrs. Young has has been caring, personable, and committed. She invested much time and energy into learning about me and searching for good potential matches. When she finally found my match, she helped keep our match on track all the way to the chuppah. I am so appreciative of her sensitivity and wisdom during the process.

SK from LA: 

I've worked with Laurie before when she set me up with a client of hers. I don't remember how she connected with me, but I went out on a few dates with the guy and Laurie was really helpful and proactive between dates. I think she's the only official matchmaker I've had a positive experience with.


Matchmaker Dina Kushnir - San Francisco, California

Dina Kurshnir comes to our team from a place of giving and caring. Dina is a Registered Nurse that not only practices nursing, but teaches nursing as well. From early in the morning till late at night, Dina takes time out to match up singles.

Dina comes with four years experience as a matchmaker with Saw You at Sinai. She was helping over 40 singles at a time with matches and follow up. Dina wanted to take a step back and devote more quality time to a select number of singles who wanted to work closely with her, step by step through the shidduch process. Thus she joined Seattle Shadchan and Associates.

“I am so pleased to be working with Seattle Shadchan and Associates. Together we bring more ideas to each other to help all of our clients.” 

Dina immigrated to the U.S from the Ukraine and has many Russian clients. She also has Russian matchmaker contacts who work closely with her. Dina is an inexhaustible powerhouse, taking the time to talk to anyone who seeks her out.


Matchmaker Rochelle Frankel - Los Angeles, California

 Rochelle Frankel is a Los Angeles native. She does a lot of traveling and enjoys meeting Jewish singles wherever she goes. She’s been matchmaking for over 30 years with amazing success.

Rochelle is incredibly plugged in to the LA singles’ scene. Not only does she work as a party planner, she helps with singles events and teaches workshops as the Professional Shadchan at an annual Pesach program.  Rochelle belongs to the LA Simcha Society that meets weekly to help local singles find their matches.

Rochelle comments that she “loves to match people up, but I also have a deep recognition of the hand of G-d in all matches. When I light Shabbos candles, I often pray that Hashem should help our singles find their basherts.”

Rochelle adds that she “is delighted to team up with Seattle Shadchan and Associates to work together to use our combined resources to make more matches.” 



Originally from the west coast, Avraham is a newlywed living with his kallah in New York.  Avraham graduated from the Northwest Yeshiva High School in Mercer Island, Washington and went on to study in Kerem B'Yavneh, Ner Yisroel and Landers College for Men.  He currently works as a CPA in New York City and devotes evening and weekend time to making shidduchim.

Avraham experienced the current shidduch scene first hand. He understands the ups and downs of today's dating world and  he coaches his clients with a peer's understanding and empathy.  Avraham also creates Ski Events and Hiking Events for Modern Orthodox singles as popular mixers, enabling college and post-college singles to meet in a relaxed environment.

Avraham concentrates on the Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish 20-35 year old age group. If you are interested in working with Avraham, click the contact button below.

​​Our team concentrates on servicing 

Modern Orthodox (the entire spectrum), 

Chabad and Yeshivish Jewish singles.